Sunday, May 17, 2009


For some reason my article about procrastination popped into my head today, followed by thoughts about procrastinators in general. First off, one idea from my article popped back into my head which was that procrastination can be very helpful and beneficial, you just have to do it right. Then I began thinking about how everybody accuses procrastinators of slacking off and doing nothing while this actually isn't the case. We do not slack off, we just chose to do things that are not what other's think we should be doing. Like instead of doing the dishes, cleaning up our rooms, or doing our work (either for a job or for school), we are doing something else we feel is more important. For example, I should be working right now but instead I am writing this post. Now onto a bit of humor that I was thinking of. Even if you had someone who seemed to be putting absolutely everything off and was just sitting around, you couldn't say they were procrastinating and putting everything off. If you did, they could just respond, "I'm not procrastinating at or putting off procrastinating." 

I am interested to hear what you all have to say about my thoughts here as well as what I said in my article.

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass